Truth Does Not Hurt

It also has no emotion

A Letter to Senator Susan Collins from Kari Anderson-Rumfield

Dear Senator Collins

Good afternoon. I want you to know I am a former Democrat from North Dakota now a Texan due to marriage.

I was not really into politics but really started paying attention during the pre Obama years. At the time we were living in the Chicago area because of the industry my husband and I work in. (professional baseball) Obama was barely a junior senator and Oprah was propping him up to be the next President of the United States. I call Obama “Oprah’s President”. I was stunned at what was happening. No real credentials and he was going to be the Democratic candidate? Move forward past his presidency to a couple years later. (I voted for Hillary in the primaries….EEEK!)

I did not Vote for Obama. I sat this one out. When Obamacare passed it made our family premium go from $100 a month (very good insurance) to $1100 a month and not even the same great coverage. To say I was livid was an understatement.

I then started to notice how divisive he was. How he spoke a great game but no substance to his words. I did not vote when he ran for re-election. I was disgusted and not happy.

In 2015 I had enough. Hillary to me was now just a lying witch. There was NO way I was voting for her. I grew up on the Today Show and NBC Nightly News but in the summer of 2015 I had enough of their bias. I turned them off and tried to find a station I could tolerate. Fox News was intriguing but I still switch back and forth.

I am a highly educated woman executive that works in an industry governed by men. I am a former sexual assault survivor and in fact Heidi Heitkamp’s sister was my social worker and stayed at Heidi’s house when I was a teenager. I am very disappointed in her decision to not support Judge Kavenaugh.

With that being said your speech yesterday gave me chill bumps and I applaud you! You are the epitome of Courage. I watched you on Fox News but had to take my son to the dentist. We then listened to you on the radio on the way to the appointment. You gave me hope. Hope that not everyone in DC is corrupt. Hope that not everyone in DC is intimidated by thugs. Hope that women have a bigger voice and it should not be used to tear down anyone who has not been proven to be guilty of a crime. Hope that emotion will not rule over facts. Hope that this country has some sense.

I watched the entire hearing last week and did not find Mrs. Ford credible. I found her to be manipulative and deceptive. I believe in my heart of hearts she is a Liberal activist that offered her services to the Democratic party. As a survivor I have not forgotten anything that happened to me. Not even one detail and that was 36 years ago. They keep screaming Her Truth. Truth does not need an adjective. There is only Truth. The Truth. I was in tears when Judge Kavenaugh spoke and broke down. I was screaming at the television when Senator Graham spoke to the committee. He was right. It was political.

I hope in the end the Truth is exposed and anyone who accuses someone of sexual assault that didn’t happen is brought to justice. I have 3 boys and cannot imagine if someone had done this to them. I also have a daughter and would hope she never goes through what I went through. Men are not the enemy and the Democrats are marketing that they are. Especially old white men. How gross.

What this debacle has done is weaken claims from real survivors. It has also made it harder now for women to be in power. Who wants to ever be in a room alone with a woman if all it takes to destroy someone is an allegation.

I am appalled at the antics of the Democrats. My family is appalled. I have never voted in the midterms but you can bet moving forward I will never miss an election. My family and I are now all Republicans. We do not agree with the thuggery of the Left. Because of last week I have friends that were Democrats that are now becoming Republicans. They can no longer stand by and watch the violent rhetoric that the other side spews. This is not the Democratic party I grew up with. This is something much more sinister.

We are not dumb. We are not rednecks. We are not sheep. We are a normal middle class family.

I voted for Trump. I was never a fan of Trump in his television days but he speaks the Truth. There are times I wish he would ‘zip it’ but he has proven he doesn’t care what others think. He has proven that our government needs a business man/woman to be in charge. He is not politically correct but I believe in his heart he loves this country and just wants it to succeed.

I know this letter is all over the place but I wanted to Thank You for standing up for what is Right and True. I am sorry that you are being intimidated and threatened. I find it shameful that conservative women and men are being targeted for doing the right thing.

Please know that my family and I appreciate your service to this country. Stay strong.